Travelpool Alert: Florida, Cuba & Italy!

Thanks to the global work of our clients, Micro-Documentaries sends filmmakers into the field around the world each month. This November we’re off to Florida. In December we’re headed to Cuba, and in December and January the beautiful Italia is calling us home. Let us know if you have a project to be filmed in or near either of these destinations and we’ll add you to the pool.

August 1-12, 2017Malawi
Summer 2017Miami, FL

As a reminder for how our travelpooling service works, each month we publish where our clients are taking us, then let other organizations join in to keep travel costs to a minimum for everyone involved. We distribute airfare and hotel costs (or tent costs, depending on location!) equally among the various organizations that have joined the pool. It’s a great way to save your organization money while producing valuable short films to fuel your movement.

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