We’re live on Kickstarter! Innovation meets activism for SF’s homeless

"Let's Get Street Smart," Micro-Documentaries first original film series, explores social innovators pioneering brilliant solutions for the San Francisco homeless.

I’m thrilled to announce that Micro-Documentaries is launching our very first original film series: Let’s Get Street Smart.

The documentary short-film series chronicles the lives of people working on the homelessness solution with the hallmarks of San Francisco’s culture: innovation and activism.

We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign and would love your support. Rewards include some great goodies for the holiday season:

  • Film screening tickets
  • Beautiful Souvenir Care Packages
  • Private tours of featured organizations
  • On-set access with cast and crew
  • Storytelling seminars at locations of your choice

Already tapped out on gifts/cash contributions for the year? You can still lend a voice to this vital cause. Today, December 18, we’re asking all our friends to take to Twitter or Facebook to help spread the word about Let’s Get Street Smart with their audiences. We’ve pasted some message templates below to make this as easy as possible for you.

Thank you for your support and for taking this special journey with us!


  1. Our friends @microdox have launched an original film series, #Let’sgetstreetsmart, about radical innovation for the SF homeless. Support them on Kickstarter! kck.st/1T5ecBI 
  2. 9 brilliant solutions to SF homelessness. Learn more and lend support: kck.st/1T5ecBI #Let’sgetstreetsmart

Facebook posts

  1. (Insert brand or company name) has joined our friends at @Micro-Documentaries on their crusade to marry innovation and activism for the SF homeless. Support their original film series “Let’s Get Street Smart” on Kickstarter today! kck.st/1T5ecBI
  2. All lives are equally meaningful, even those of the most marginalized among us. That’s why projects like “Let’s Get Street Smart”, an original film series from our friends @Micro-Documentaries, are so important. Lend support here! kck.st/1T5ecBI

Thank you for your support and for taking this journey with us!


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