If you love SF, join us in this film!


Exciting news: We are producing our first ever crowdsourced film: FURTHER RESOLVED – sanctuary in the making. You are invited to participate! This film is a reminder that each one of us has an opportunity to act in a way we know is right, even in the face of cultural, economic, political or personal pressures. […]

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Travelpool Alert: Women’s March on Washington + Standing Rock


Planning to attend and mobilize around the Women’s March on Washington on January 21? We are planning to be there as well, with two filmmakers on the ground capturing the sights and sounds of what is sure to be an historic outing. We’ve also received interest in sending field producers out to the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota. Let us know if you’re in, and we’ll add you to our travelpool.

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Want to overcome divisiveness? Short films can help


As a storyteller on a mission, one of the greatest impacts your short films can have is to overcome divisiveness and bring people together. We take a look at Director Mickey Lemle and his new feature documentary, The Last Dalai Lama?, which uses brilliant storytelling to establish common humanity beyond polarization.

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