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Choose from one of four colors and customize your poster with your own logo. Posters are available in Spanish as well!

The other day I stopped by the San Rafael Public Library to pick up a book for my daughter and I saw a poster on their front door reminding everyone that no matter their creed or country of origin, no matter the color of their skin or the language they speak, they are welcome there.

If we had a door at Micro-Documentaries, we would post the same message.  But since our offices are virtual ones, we designed some poster templates for you in case you’d like to hang them on your doors.

All you have to do is choose from four colors, insert your logo, then print it on 11×17 paper and post it to your door.

Download your poster as a Microsoft PowerPoint file.

They are all available in Spanish as well. Download a Spanish PowerPoint file. If you do your design work in Adobe Illustrator, we can send you the source files for the English or Spanish version in AI upon request.

Please send us pictures once your posters are up!

And may we all remember in these divisive times that calls to unity and appeals to common humanity soar the highest.

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