A wish for the brave mothers of Sierra Leone

A pregnant mother outside a Partners in Health supported health clinic in Sierra Leone. Image courtesy of PIH.

Over the last few weeks Partners in Health has been collecting Mother’s Day messages for expecting mothers in Sierra Leone. In this war-torn nation, women often labor in their homes far away from health clinics and the expertise of doctors and nurses. Mortality rates are among the highest in the world for mothers and children.

PIH is on a mission to end that, and it’s just completed a birth waiting home near the city of Koidu as a start. Here moms can spend their last few weeks of pregnancy, in safety and peace close to a top-notch health clinic where they can deliver their babies when ready.

Here I share my note to them, which is also for you. May you embrace your own powerful mama energy in your life (or that of the powerful mama presence in your life) and in your storytelling to advance your movements for a better world.

As mothers we are connected by the experience of having our hearts stretched even further than our bellies.  Motherhood connects us in a special way to the expansive love of the universe and therefore bonds mothers around the world in a constellation of light – mothers of different countries and of different beliefs, mothers of different species, mothers who have come before us and mothers who are yet to be born.  Today I bask in your warmth and your fearless courage which I feel coming strongly through our common mama earth. 

And as an extra treat here are some photos from BBC Earth’s gift to mothers last year, which will continue to be a gift for generations to come.

Images Courtesy of “BBC Earth: Amazing Mothers of the Animal Kingdom”

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