It’s up to you: Inspiring moments of 2017

As we move into the New Year, we look to you to tell the stories we all need to hear.

Every new year presents an invitation for the most passionate and inspired among us to go out and move the world forward. That’s why now, as we forge into 2017, we turn to you.

You who are working on the front lines of social change, who are working with compassion and generosity, with forgiveness and with courage.

We’ve never needed you more than we need you now.

On a daily basis, you are taking the action that so many people would like to be taking but haven’t figured out how to yet. You are working for social equity and justice, for a thriving environment, for excellence in education and health care and in the arts and on many other fronts.

You have the stories that people will never tire of hearing — because they offer inspiration for more people to live in a way that is aligned with their own values.

So in 2017 keep telling those stories, keep producing short films to bring them to life and keep sharing them widely.

We can’t wait to see them.

with much love,

natasha and the team at Micro-Documentaries

P.S. Hope you enjoy this collection of  10 of the most inspiring moments from 2016 as much as we did!

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