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Thank you for helping us successfully fund “Havana, From On High!”

Thanks to your support – we did it! After a month of receiving your encouragement, positive energy and contributions of all sizes, we successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign to fund a final filming trip for Havana, From On High.  Dozens of people chipped in to help us exceed our target goal.

Havana, From On High tells the story of a secret village – the resilient and remarkable world of the people who live on the rooftops of Central Havana, who have been pushed upwards because of chronic housing shortages.  From their perch atop the city, our 7 protagonists have a unique perspective on a society that is in the process of historical transformation. We are now planning our trip back to Cuba to finish collecting their stories on film.

And more good news: Separate from the Kickstarter campaign we received two donations that will enable us to do more with these funds:  funding for our airfare to Cuba as well as a significant reduction in equipment rental fees. This means we can film 2 more days with the funds of this campaign. The additional funds will also be invested in production.

Again, many thanks!