Just back from the Clinton Global Initiative

Dear Friends,

We just got back from the energizing experience of attending the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City.  We were invited to film on Tuesday and Wednesday, we edited overnight and the resulting micro-documentary was shown on the huge screens of the closing plenary on Thursday afternoon.

As you will see in the microdoc, the meeting was impressive on many levels (distinguished attendees, engaging conversations, optimistic energy), but perhaps most exciting of all was how this inspiration was channeled into action.  In order to participate, members must present their CGI Commitment – a concrete plan to address a major global challenge.  For example one of the many commitments made was to teach 200 million people who cannot read in India to be able to read the newspaper over the course of the next 3-5 years.  Partnerships between governments, corporations and nonprofits fuel the execution of the more than 2,100 commitments made over the last 7 years.

The most memorable moment for me was a conversation between Archbishop Desmond Tutu (in New York, at the meeting) and Aung San Suu Kyi (in Myanmar, via satellite).  After declaring his love for her, “I’m like a smitten young man,” he explained how he has been inspired by her because “you continue to believe in the humanity even of those who have sought to dehumanize you over these many years.”  If that exchange does not give us insight into the great potential of our humanity, I don’t know what does.


natasha deganello giraudie
CEO, Micro-Documentaries

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  1. Hello, Natasha. The Micro-Dox video of the CGI was so inspiring, that a friend of mine and I are meeting next week to talk about how to gather friends together in our community and, perhaps, commit to some concrete action for change – either individually, or as a group. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each of us made a commitment to change someone’s life in a small way in the coming months? Making the world a better place can begin with ourselves, and connecting with just one person in need, in a meaningful way.

  2. That was beautiful Natasha. You have a true passion for this work that inspires us all. There is so much to do. It can be overwhelming. So we must remember we are not required to complete the job. We are only required to begin.

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