An ode to pioneers and perseverance

Photo Credit: Christophe Launay “Boats have always floated. Soon they will fly.” — Alain Thebault, designer and pilot of l’Hydroptère

This post is dedicated to all of our pioneer readers, to those of you breaking new ground and following your visions, from failure to failure to failure without losing enthusiasm on your way to success.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on my way home Friday, I saw the famous French sailboat l’Hydroptère DCNS below. I had to stop by the water and have a closer look. The Hydroptère is famous for being part boat, part plane. Its name comes from the Greek “hydros” for water and “pteron” for wing. And true to form, the boat below me seemed to glide on a draft of air a few feet above the surface of the water. A few minutes later, it elegantly made its way through the bouquets of kitesurfers to set the San Francisco Bay nautical mile speed sailing record. It was a moving moment, the culmination of decades of perseverance and resilience at the intersection of aeronautical and nautical design and innovation.

This beautiful microdoc captures the essence of the journey to this point.

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