Telling high-emotion stories

Telling your story through short film is only the beginning. Helping that film find an audience requires a sound and inspired distribution plan.

A few months ago Chief Content Officer, the bi-monthly magazine of the Content Marketing Institute, asked that I contribute an article about nonprofits and the art of telling high-emotion stories through film. That story is on newsstands now, and you can read it on their blog here.

Highlights: Film is one of the most powerful tools to get your story out there, unrivaled in its immediacy and viral potential. But producing a great short film means nothing unless people actually watch it, and accomplishing that requires organizations have a sound distribution plan.

Knowing which bloggers to contact, how to engage media channels, where to catch the eye of viral video platforms like Upworthy, and how to embed the film within emails, newsletters, annual reports and other forms of communication with your audience is essential to short film success. In other words, post and pray is not the way.

If you need a hand with getting your films seen we are happy to help. Drop us a line to learn more about our distribution services.

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