The cure to the common conference call: Voxeet

Stephane Giraudie believes that the better we communicate, the more we collaborate and the greater the innovation we achieve. That's why he created a cure to the common conference call.


Entrepreneurs and working professionals looking to advance collaboration through an improved mobile communication platform.


Helped Voxeet establish a growing userbase in the competitive conference call space.

When Stephane Giraudie is not racing cars or motorcycles, he occasionally enjoys the virtual races on video games. The sound on those games is 3D and immersive and makes you feel like you are right there in the driver’s seat. That’s why Stephane couldn’t figure out why we still have to suffer through walkie-takie sound quality when on a conference call at work where we can barely tell who’s talking. His San Francisco startup, Voxeet, has set out to change that with a cure to the common conference call.



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