Join us for morning meditation

The Stop, Breathe, and Think app helps team members at Micro-Documentaries and people around the world start their days with more sanity, compassion, and calm.

At Micro-Documentaries we have started a daily morning meditation practice before we begin our work.  The benefits of establishing this habit are extensive and now well documented and it seemed that if one of our company objectives was to enrich our employee’s lives while they worked with us, this was a natural step to take.

Adopting a new habit can be daunting and overcoming obstacles that get in the way of a new patterns can be challenging. But so far reports back have been positive, with people reporting more sane beginnings to the day, greater ability to be appreciative of the present and a greater sense of clarity and calm.

We hope you notice!

Seriously, if you would you like to join us, an easy way is by using the Stop, Breathe, and Think app. Originally designed for youth, almost half a million young people of all ages are benefiting from it – even 5 minutes a day can lead to improved health, wellbeing, kindness and compassion in your life.

I’m happy to serve as an advisor for Tools for Peace, the nonprofit organization that developed this app.  We are most proud to announce the app was just selected from 13,000 entries and is one of the five nominees in the Best Mobile Sites & App: Health & Fitness for the Internet’s most prestigious international honor, the Webby.

We also have the opportunity to win a People’s Voice Award. If you try it and like it, please voice your love by casting your vote here.

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