New Year’s Resolution: Let’s Get Street Smart

Our short-film series, Let's Get Street Smart, has 7 DAYS LEFT on Kickstarter! Let's harness the hallmarks of SF culture and address SF homelessness once and for all.

Rain has arrived at last in the Bay Area. After three years of drought, we all could use the downpour. But as our lakes, rivers, and reservoirs rejoice, the homeless are left out in the cold. Cardboard tents turn to mush. Clothes get wet and heavy. Talk to anyone on the streets, and winter rain is one of the toughest things to endure.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In San Francisco especially, a city where innovation meets activism every single day. Here most of all we should be able to turn our hallmark qualities toward those of us who are living on the street.

Let’s make it a resolution: That this year, we remember what makes San Francisco so great and use it to address homelessness once and for all. This is the goal of our new independent, short-film series Let’s Get Street Smart, which is on Kickstarter today. Campaign ends in 7 days!

Let’s Get Street Smart chronicles the lives of 9 innovators who show us what’s possible when we unravel the complex and painful web of homelessness and address different facets of the problem with the hallmarks of SF’s culture: innovation & activism.

If you feel as passionately about this cause as we do, we would love your support on Kickstarter. Each journey of 100 steps starts with one single one. We have taken 55. With your help we can complete our funding goal for Let’s Get Street Smart. Of the $100k we are looking for, $55k have been pledged, pending the full commitment. $50k came from the Peery Foundation. $5k has been committed on Kickstarter campaign. We are looking for $45k more.

Let’s get this done!

Love and light,


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