“Let’s Get Street Smart” public premiere

Micro-Documentaries' new original series on solutions to homelessness, Let's Get Street Smart, premiered at the SOMA StrEat Food Park on Super Bowl Sunday.

Happy Friday everyone. Before the week is through, we wanted to share some photos from the public premiere of Let’s Get Street Smart last weekend at the SOMA StrEat Food Park.

The short films were very well received. Everyone seemed eager to get involved to stop the homelessness crisis. About 200 people watched the micro-documentaries, including a number of unhoused neighbors who were invited to the event.

It was the perfect venue for us – on the street, in a food truck park having a conversation about what it means to get street smart in the new sense of the term:

– becoming educated in the causes of homelessness (it can happen to anyone)
– refusing to accept the dehumanization that comes from living on the street (just the lack of sleep is like torture!)
– engaging in building communities that work for all of us (it’s pretty clear that otherwise they won’t work for any of us).

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