“Never underrate the power of stories,” says Obama

Lots of things go into advancing your mission, none more so than telling powerful stories. President Obama weighs in. Photo courtesy of The New York Times.

Organizations today are under such pressure to communicate core messages, along with updates and key facts, all while facing less bandwidth from their audience, that taking time to share a nice story can seem unrealistic, even indulgent.

But ask those who have built mass movements and they’ll tell you the same thing: Stories are essential for success. The New York Times recently ran an interview with President Obama, and he reiterated this point:

“Never underrate the power of stories. Lyndon Johnson got the Civil Rights Act done because of the stories he told and the ones [Martin Luther] King told. When L.B.J. says, “We shall overcome” in the chamber of the House of Representatives, he is telling the nation who we are. Culture is vital in shaping our politics. Part of what I’ve always been interested in as president, and what I will continue to be interested in as an ex-president, is telling better stories about how we can work together.”

You can read the full interview here.


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